Modern philosophy

Here is the place where I will add some of my thoughts on philosophy and the meaning of life.

Personal motivations

It is not possible to understand what motivates an individual person, sometimes it seems as if we can get an idea into how people react to stimuli by seeing how groups of people or large numbers of individuals will react. This is just a statistical guess and only offers a hollow shell of what it is that makes people tick.

I know what makes me do what I do most of the time, but expecting anyone else to understand would require me to explain my life history, perhaps why biographies are such popular reading material.

What is really strange is that the average person is motivated by average things in most cases. This is scary to think about, it almost makes the advertising companies right is peddling titillation to the masses as this is what will make the sale.

Reasons for enquiry ?

The study of philosophy makes one wonder at times. It is typically so formalized that students of most any time in the last 1000 years will be able to read and understand an argument by another student. This implies a lot of stagnation in the field and a certain blinkered view in thinking that most of the philosophy that is of merit is the classic philosophy which we repeatedly dissect and strive to understand. Certainly there is a need for a good foundation in classical philosophy of the Greeks and others but how come there is so little desire to find a great thinker in this, and every, age. One that can have his wisdom critically used to further understanding instead of still trying to pretend that we actually know exactly what Pythagoras was going on about all the time.

What if some of the stuff that he wrote was satire instead of deep thought?

Well, that's all for now folks