Ornamental painting - Stock up for the 2010 tourist rush

Here is a selection of some of the commercial work that I did in making ornaments for the tourist trade. The eggs are selected ostrich eggs that are primed and painted, the art is either decoupaged copies of my original paintings or hand painted African tribal mask themes. The eggs then get multiple coats of varnish with sanding between coats to give them a pearlised luster of metallic car paint, the varnish also protects them.

I still have a significant stock holding of the ostrich eggs available for sale. I sold them to retailers and marketing organisations. As it is no longer my core business I have to insist on minimum orders of 10 eggs at a time. My remaining loyal customers are mostly curio shops situated in shopping centers and hotel lobbies. The empty ostrich egg shells are sourced from certified Ostrich farms in the Eastern Cape near Oudshoorn, egg fumigation certificates for easy export are available.

For those wishing to decoupage their own or for other teaching work I also have plain eggs, and some with the base colour only.

Below is a small sample of available designs, I will photograph more and upload them if there is interest. To be fair the pictures do not do them justice so a visit is strongly recommended.

Most of my ornamental work was painted under my maiden name of Marita du Toit, this was to offer the customers a bit more South African authenticity to their tourist purchases. The African masks were signed as Mazo to add a bit more to the mystery. I sign art I make and sell these days as M. Palazzo or Marita Palazzo.

Tile clocks

These are wall clocks with African wildlife themes decoupaged and painted onto ceramic tiles. There are also some available on hardwood plaques. These are available in limited quantity. They have battery clock movements fitted. The art on them is also decoupaged copies of my original paintings.

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Cheetas in thought


Decoupage ostrich eggs

They are available in 12 different popular wildlife themes each with a different base colour. Almost all of the current stock is in the pearlised finish. There are a few specials that can be seen at the studio in Linden.

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Big5 Elephant


Ostrich Parents


Big5 Group


Hand-painted ostrich eggs

These are hand-painted masks, 8 with black backgrounds and 6 with white backgrounds. They are stylized reproductions of African traditional, fertility and ceremonial masks. There is a matching Zulu woman and a stylized guinea fowl. There is a limited run series of hand-painted South African birds. There are a few specials and other end of line designs available as well. The pictures do not show the metallic colours very well, again it is best to actually visit and see the eggs or buy a sample before placing larger orders.

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Full selection of
hand painted masks


Mask fertility


Mask fertility


A descriptive list of the hand painted masks.

1Spirit maskNupeNigeriaWhite
3Initiation maskMalinkeMaliWhite
4Do spirit maskDyuluIvory coastWhite
5MboloBeteIvory coastWhite
7Zulu womanZuluSouth AfricaWhite
8Guinea fowlWidespreadWhite
9BuffaloGuroIvory coastBlack
10Knife sheath
Baule AtutuIvory coastBlack
11Mbulu NguluBakoto MindasaGabonBlack
12Mmwo SpiritMMwo societyNigeriaBlack
13BuffaloBaule YaureIvory coastBlack
14JE Fertility
YaureIvory coastBlack
15HarvestingBaule AtutuIvory coastBlack
SenufoN.Ivory coat


To arrange your purchase of these ornaments please contact me to arrange an appointment to meet with me or my agent to introduce yourself and to inspect them. They are stored at my studio in Linden, Johannesburg and can be viewed at reasonable times. There are some of each style and colour on display and you can select what you want when you visit. You can have a look at the other styles and my other art that is for sale as well. For follow up orders you can more conveniently send your order via eMail with your desired styles and colours and we will pick them for you from display or storage as required. We will pack the eggs for delivery to your showroom or warehouse but prices are all ex Linden, Johannesburg and you need to pay shipping or supply an account number for your courier company. All orders to be prepaid; deposit slips to be faxed or checks to have cleared before we ship.

Prices of Ostrich eggs will be increasing at the end of January by 20 percent. Orders placed before month end will be invoiced at the old prices below.

Price each ZARSamples
Ceramic Tile - Clock - Decoupage250150
Hardwood plaque - Clock - Decoupage250120
Ostrich egg - Plain 60
Ostrich egg - Painted with base coats250100
Ostrich egg - Decoupage250150
Ostrich egg - Hand painted, masks, birds etc.500350
Prices are in South African Rands (ZAR). Should you wish to check out equivalent pricing in other currencies I recommend that you go to the XE.com website.