Wise choices

Art is all about doing what feels good for you.

A selection of my current art is profiled on my abstract art page and much of it is available for purchase. There are no set prices for the works as I price them according to how much labor went into them, how much I would like to keep them for my own enjoyment and then I add the cost of materials.

The prices on my current works range from R3500 to R25000. Some of the works displayed in the galleries on this site have already been sold and some are not intended for sale. Please contact me to visit and view the works in person if at all possible.

If you want to enquire about availability and prices or view the work please contact me and we can arrange a suitable time for you to view. I am either in Linden, Johannesburg or Yzerfontein near Cape Town. Most of the finished pieces are in Linden. If I am not available my agent will be able to display any of the works that are in my Linden studio in my absence.

All my creative work is sold with a trial period. You pay for the art and then take it home, if it does not work for you or you feel that another piece might suit your placement or theme better then you may exchange with price adjustment inside of one week. If you need to return it I will refund your money less any shipping and handling costs incurred also inside one week. While this is not intended to work like a movie rental, I prefer that you to come back later and purchased the pieces you like instead of filing my art away in a forgotten storeroom.

Art collection is a personal and subjective thing. It should make you feel good and uplift you. If you are buying art in the hopes to sell it later for a profit then it is serving the same purpose by making you feel good about providing financially for your future, nothing wrong with that. Investing is a wise way to make your money work for you. However, buying art for snob value is not to be recommended, it works out to be a waste of money and giving to a good charity makes more sense.

Where quoted, prices are in South African Rands (ZAR). Should you wish to check out equivalent pricing in other currencies I recommend that go to the XE.com website.