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The best way to reach me at a convenient hour for both of us is via e-Mail. Send eMail to me by addressing it to Marita at this domain, you need to correct my name by hand to thwart the efforts of the wanton mass marketers. Also to prevent accidental delay in my junk mail folder please make use of a meaningful Subject line that lets us keep our mail threads easy to follow and find in our mail folders. Should I be away from e-mail for a while you can send a note to me, care of the webmaster and he will forward it to me if I am out of the country.

AfrikaansSkryf gerus vir my ook in Afrikaans. Gebruik die adress Marita tot hierdie domain, jy moet self my naam regmaak.

ItalianPuo' contattarmi anche in italiano. Basta mandarmi un email al nome Marita. Per evitare spam deve correggere il nome a mano. Grazie.


I am based out of my studio in Linden, Johannesburg, South Africa most of the year. The bulk of my sale stock and displayed work is there. For a month or few over December you may find me painting in Yzerfontein on the Cape West Coast some hundred kilometers north of Cape Town.


You can reach me on my mobile phone if you are in a hurry at


If you want to fax something send it attention Marita Palazzo to


To send me a letter or parcel
Marita Palazzo
PO Box 1390


By prior arrangement only. Contact me to confirm address to collect from or deliver to.