A Cape Heritage

Born and bred in the Western Cape. In the small town of Greyton, nestling at the foot of the Riviersonderend mountains.


I was an energetic teenager and used to paint the town red, I lived in Hillbrow when it was the center of the Johannesburg nightlife, sadly it is a bit run down these days.

I worked with some of the earliest computers in the country when only the banks could justify them. My love for the arts also had me involved in the fashion industry. I married young to a fiery Italian and we had a lovely daughter Rosalia who helps mothers bring their children into the world in traditional, calm and natural ways. I divorced early and have never remarried.

I have done many things, for a while I ran a fast food outlet in the Johannesburg city center and briefly managed a paving brick factory for my ex-husband when he was recovering from a heart attack.

I finally settled down to a more peaceful lifestyle and trained to be a professional Reflexologist which is how I met my current love. I painted souvenirs for tourists for some years but have decided to move onto abstract painting.

I have a soft spot for Persian cats they can be very entertaining. Scuba diving is one of those surreal pastimes that offer you a glimpse of altered realities and other worlds.

I have been painting all of my adult life but not in a full time capacity until recently

Blond at the roots

I started out as a country girl in the Cape farmlands, a bit naive at times and moved around until I settled in and around Johannesburg.

I come from solid Afrikaans stock with a long French and Dutch history. I was christened Margeretha Elizabeth du Toit but have not used my full christian names for longer than I can recall. Youngest of a family of 5 children we were raised on the old style of 'Children should be seen and not heard', seems a bit old fashioned these days but it worked back then.

My trips to the continent and the east have certainly allowed me to witness the many flavors of humanity. I can attest to the fact that travel certainly broadens the mind.

I stayed in Paris, France for some months and got to know the city well. I visited as many galleries as I could during my stay. Some memorable ones include The house of Rodin with his works displayed there, the Orangerie which houses the incredible Waterlillies of Monet (my favorite). The Louvre where I spent countless hours, as well as the Musee d ‘Orsay. I also made the trip to Barbizon, where I visited the house where Monet was born, as well as the many house galleries nearby.

Painting influenced by

Many contemporary painters as well as the great masters.

Notably the late Guiseppe Bottero who was a good friend to me.