Abstract Art

After having been painting for many years I felt a need to move into a less restrictive mindset. My migration to abstract painting, has been an intermittent process, as the mood and environment compelled me to reach out into new directions. I was inspired by those who came before and guided by a few spells of mentoring from local teachers and masters.

Abstract art is the art of non-representational painting. Obviously it encompasses other forms of creative work such as photography, drawing and sculpture. The Wikipedia has a short description of the term Abstract Art that kind of gets the right idea.

Other Creations

I have been painting in classical styles for a long time. I have worked in many different media, oils, aquarelle, acrylics and pastels. I then did a long spell of decorative painting working as Matapa Galleries for ornaments which is a sure way of improving skills but not a very creative outlet.

Photo Galleries

You can look at photos of my art in the abstract paintings, classical style and ornamental works

Some of it is for sale and is indicated as such.

Some of it I keep for my own enjoyment.

Commissioning an Abstract painting

I also do commission work. At times I find it difficult to negotiate a theme and style for something that is not necessarily representative of anything. So specifying colours, size, a theme and referencing works by me or others is the method I have come up with that has the best results so far.